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In Hosting Web Central Publicity we are a group of Designers who we specialized in publicity on line, social development of webpages, Photography, Marketing and Networks. Nowadays to have a webpage or to be in the social networks no longer is a luxury but an urgent necessity to be able to reach thousands from potential clients with your products. We were in charge to design, to develop, to maintain, and to present your page and products or services that in her are offered through different methods from marketing and with our 10 years of Web Hosting experience, we can make all of that happened and work. Most important for us you are, our clients and the CONFIDENCE who deposit in our hands.

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We helped you to solve your needs that all great company has.


We are ready to solve your needs where you want that you are.

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We have professional experts in different areas.

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Economic prices and works of great quality.

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Efficiency and insurmountable quality.

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Some opinions of our clients.

“Excellent service. Very responsible and precise in the delivery of its works. We already have been 10 years with them in the lack ferocity of our website and the diffusion of our institution through the different plans from publicity in google and Facebook. ”



“Excellent support. Always kind to our requirements giving them direction and technical support. One of the best agencies of publicity than we have found and with which we continued advancing. Recommendable 100%.”

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Real estate


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Sight our articles that we have thought for you. They will help to understand a little you plus the publicity that requires your business.

February, 2018

You know the Branding?

You have heard speak of the “Branding” and as it can help you harnessing your brand. Here we told you. It unloads the article.

February, 2018

How to campaign effective in phase?

We introduce you to the fantastic world of the publicity in social networks, and with our cheap dedicated server we gonna build a website with less cost and cant handle huge traffic.