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In order to contract any service you must use our form of contact describing the service that you wish to contract. If you have doubts send a Whatsapp to us to the 9331457408 in office schedule. With taste we will support you in your request of hiring.

We count on service of design of basic webpages, intermediate and enterprise, sale of hosting and domains, Design of store on line, in addition to publicity in Social Networks, Google, Email Marketing, Photography for events and packages yet including.
In order to contract any service, you must realise the payment electronically or or by bank deposit or via Pay-Pale by the totality or the monthly instalment according to it is the case and of sending the proof of deposit to the following mail: [email protected]
Payapal is a system of payment through Internet. More information in: PAYPAL Mexico.

Technical support

The domain is the name that you choose to appear in Internet. It can take different completions according to your needs. Most habitual they are .com, .com .mx, .mx, org, .net, etc. Are completions that are reserved for certain institutions. The Hosting is the space in our servants where your webpage will be provided with accomodations which you can accede through a Control Panel of hosting and raise archives via FTP.
In order to check your mail you will count on an own service of emails on the basis of your name of domain of your company. In order to accede to him you must digitar in your navigator your domain plus the webmail word/. In order to enter your mail you must digitar in the dialogue picture that will open the email that you wish to check and your password: Ex
You must raise via FTP the Public_html folder
It is going to depend on the design contracted Web and its degree of complexity. For intermediate pages basic and the time average is of 3 to 5 days once given all the documentation. For designs more advanced the time of delivery it varies of 9 to 15 days. In each stage of the process you are visualizing the results in our servants of test prepared to it. Once approved the design he publishes himself in his respective servants of his company.

Advertising support

We handle to different services of publicity as for example Email Marketing, Publicity in Google, Campaigns of Publicity in Social Networks, CATHEDRAL, etc.
We handled different campaigns from publicity. The most adapted in very general terms he is going to depend on your type of public at who you wish to arrive with your announcements. Communicate to you with us so that us DES more information about your project and we can support to you.
If, we own certifications of Gogle Mexico, Google Spain, Certification in Digital Marketing, E.commerce, etc.

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